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Section: Verbal Reasoning - Critical Reasoning
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The Senator Wiley damned the Frequent Flyer schemes, now operated by virtually all major American airlines, as nothing less than a bribe to acquire the accounts of major corporations that are willing to pay excessively high sums to buy Frequent Flyer discount coupons in order to give untaxed rewards to employees. To make the discounted ticket prices viable, airlines raise the initial marked price of the tickets. Thus, the price of tickets for the general public is kept artificially high. Walter Healey, the Vice President of American Airlines, responded to the criticism by saying the Frequent Flyer scheme was enjoyed by millions of Americans who were able to acquire Frequent Flyer tokens from supermarket purchases and credit card transactions.

Which of the following, if true, best exposes the flaw in Healey's response to Wiley's criticism?

AOnly a few supermarket chains and credit card companies offer Frequent Flyer tokens to customers.
BFewer people acquire Frequent Flyer tokens through supermarket purchases than through credit card transactions.
CMost airline companies offer bonus tokens for long-haul flights.
DThe price of tickets booked under Frequent Flyer schemes is often as low as 50% of the regular ticket price.
ETicket prices are regularly reviewed by a committee of airline representatives.
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