Exceptional Customer Service

“What does it take to build a loyal and strong customer base?”

Workshop Duration: Half day

Target Audience: Managers

The Problem

We would like to think that great service and great products translate into a loyal and strong customer base. Unfortunately, this is often not true, for reasons that are much more emotional than they are rational. Exceptional customer service has a lot more to do with what your customer’s think you are doing than what you are actually doing. Providing exceptional customer service has a lot to do with understanding the key emotional concerns that customers have – and how to best address them.

What Questions Will Participants Be Able to Answer Upon Completing this Workshop?

  • How do Interaction Points affect my bottom line?
  • Why do we ‘next’?
  • How can I properly structure customer expectations?
  • What is the difference between a good customer and a loyal customer?
  • What psychological factors most impact customer decisions?
  • Why do satisfied customers not come back?
  • How can we turn ordinary events into extraordinary events for our customers?

Session Topics

  • Interaction Points: To the Client You Are the Company
  • Customer Communication: Problems in Effective Communication
  • Manage Expectations: Irrational Expectations & Loyal Customers
  • Handling Service Failure: What Happens When Things Don't Go well?