Change Management

“Producing consistent results in rapidly changing environments”

Workshop Duration: Half Day

Target Audience: Senior Managers & Project Managers

The Problem

PMI standards for successful project management, much like Six Sigma, are based on the assumption that things don't really change: that the conditions of the business environment and the desired goals of the client are fixed, or at worst, only change within a small range. In addition, project time-lines and benchmarks also assume that many things about the team itself are constant. As the rate of disruptive innovation increases, these traditional models of project management may not be the most effective way to operate project teams. Managing the change process is becoming a critical part of project management.

What Participants Will Be Able to Do Upon Completing this Workshop:

  • Identify the things that limit project flexibility
  • Identify the things in project management that are hardest to change
  • Switch from a content to a context model of service delivery
  • Develop the organic growth model of project management
  • Design self-corrective project goals
  • Anticipate how goals might change for clients and the enterprise

Topics Covered

  • What is Change: Understanding basic dynamics of change events
  • The Need for Control: What happens when we lose control of our work environment?
  • Resistance to Change: The reasons we refuse to change
  • Team Profiles in Change Management: Team dynamics in change processes