SAT Scores FAQ

What is the highest SAT score?


What is the score distribution?

Percentile Score (2400 Scale)
99.93/99.98 2400
99+ >2290
99 >2200
98 >2140
97 >2100
88 >1900
83 >1800
78 >1770
72 >1700
61 >1600
48 >1500

How do I find detailed information about my scores?

More detailed score reports are available for free on for all students. You can also view on the website:

  • A copy of your essay
  • The types of questions, their level of difficulty, and how many questions in each group you answered correctly, incorrectly, or omitted
  • Percentile information so that you may compare performance to other students
  • Preparation tools for developing weaknesses

For some test dates the Question-and-Answer Service (QAS) is available for an additional fee, which provides the above information along with the actual questions asked.

How can I see my scores?

Once they are processed, scores are available through the College Board website. 

Is there any way to send my scores sooner?

Yes, rush reporting is available for an additional fee.

Why can't I see my scores online?

Most scores are available beginning on the above dates, but a small percentage may not be due to registration problems, etc. If you fall within this small percentage, then you will be instructed to check back at a later date when you attempt to view your scores online.

How is the SAT scored?

There are scores for each of the test’s three sections scaled from 200-800. There are two sub-scores for the writing section; the multiple choice subsection is scaled from 20-80 and the essay subsection is scaled from 2-12.

What can delay score reports?

Reasons include but are not limited to:

  • Late receipt of answer sheets
  • Missing information on your answer sheet
  • Information on your answer sheet is inconsistent with your registration information

Can I cancel score reports after I see my scores?

No. Scores must be canceled by the 11:59PM EST on the Wednesday following the test date.

What are my choices for sending my scores and how much does it cost?

If you wish to send score reports in addition to the four free reports you can send to schools or scholarship programs, then you may for an additional fee of $9.50 per report. Once your test has been scored, you may send these additional reports at any time.

How does SAT figure scores?

A raw score and a scaled score are calculated.

First, the raw score is determined by the points you earned for each correct answer minus ¼ point for each question answered incorrectly, except for skipped questions and grid-in questions in which wrong answers are not penalized.

  • For an incorrect 5-choice question minus 1/4 of a point
  • For an incorrect 4-choice question minus 1/3 of a point
  • For an incorrect 3-choice question minus 1/2 of a point 

What scores are reported if I test more than once?

Your most recent score and the most recent six administrations of the test.

Will colleges take my best score or an average?

Most colleges take your best score.

Who can see the writing sample I wrote?

All colleges to which you apply will be able to see your writing sample.