Negotiation and Decision Making

In every phase of our career, we need to negotiate. Sometimes, it is a win-win situation. Sometimes, the sum of the parts is fixed. To effectively negotiate, one needs related knowledge, bargaining techniques, and interpersonal skills, but also sound judgment and practice.

To master the art of negotiation is a continuing self-improvement process. However, once you can successfully handle conflicting issues in the workplace, you will experience less emotional strain, more productive business relationships and most importantly, increased profitability for your organization.

Negotiation and Decision Making introduces and delves into the theoretical realm of negotiation. It then develops your negotiation skills through role-playing, strategy execution, and third-party critiquing. You will also become more aware of your own conflict resolution style while you sharpen your decision-making ability. As you participate with peers and coaches in a series of increasingly difficult negotiation simulations, you will benefit from constant feedback and measurable results, along with the refinement and assimilation of new techniques. We will also discuss approaches for successfully resolving conflicts and the impact of cultural differences on the negotiation process.