MBA Applicants: GRE vs. GMAT

Should an MBA Applicatant take the GRE or the GMAT?

In recent years, many MBA programs -- including Harvard, MIT, and Yale -- have begun allowing applicants to choose whether to submit GRE or GMAT scores with their application. MIT Sloan School of Management was one of the first to accept the GRE, in part because it already had a joint degree with MIT's graduate engineering program for which the GRE was accepted as part of the application.

For many business schools, accepting the GRE is increasingly becoming a way to open themselves up to a more diverse pool of applicants, including applicants with backgrounds in the humanities or hard sciences for whom taking the GRE may have been a natural first step as they prepared for graduate studies. While the percentage of MBA program applicants who submit GRE scores over GMAT scores is reportedly still very small, the list of business schools that now accept the GRE is extensive including many of the top schools in the US as well as MBA programs around the world.

Applicants should check the policies at the programs to which they are applying. Applicants whose target schools accept both tests, might consider taking GMAT practice tests and GRE practice tests of each to see if they excel on one test more than the other.