What is the highest possible LSAT score?


What is the score distribution?

  Raw Score Scaled Score Percentile Ranking  
  98+ 180 99.99  
  94-96 175 99  
  87-90 170 97+  
  81-83 165 93  
  73-74 160 83.5+  
  64-66 155 69  
  56-57 150 48+  
  46-48 145 31+  
  39-41 140 14+  
  27-29 130 2  
  0-18 120 0.0  

How does LSAT figure test scores?

For multiple choice sections:

A raw score is calculated by tallying the number of questions you answered correctly – there are no penalties for guessing. Then the raw score is scaled to ensure uniformity across testing administrations. The scaled score 120 (lowest) to 180 (highest) is derived from the raw score number.

The LSAT writing sample does not influence your score.

How can I view my scores online?

You will need to create a web account through Your score will be emailed to you about three weeks after the test.

How long does it take to receive a score report?

Typically, reports arrive by mail 4 weeks after the test date. Test takers who have LSAC online accounts will pay a one-time fee to obtain hard-copy mailings of account information that is available online.

What can cause scores to take longer?

Scores take longer if:

  • Answer keys arrive late from your testing center
  • The information you enter into your test is inconsistent with your admission ticket
  • You fill in the answer sheet incorrectly
  • An abnormality is reported at your test center
  • You failed to pay registration fees

How do I send my scores to law schools?

Scores are reported by for the price of $12 per score report.

Can I send my multiple choice scores without the writing sample?


Can I send my writing sample without my multiple choice scores?


How do I cancel a score?

You have up to 9 days to decide whether or not you want to cancel your LSAT score. LSAC must receive a signed fax or overnight letter with your request within six calendar days of the test. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt of your request within four calendar days after your request was submitted, contact LSAC immediately. If your request has not been processed, you may submit proof that your request was received at LSAC within the required period. Documentation of proof of receipt will not be accepted beyond 14 calendar days after the test. You can also cancel your score at the test center if you are absolutely certain you want to cancel your score.

Which scores are reported if I test more than once?

Separate records are maintained for each test date. All un-cancelled scores will be reported to each of the law schools to which you apply.

If I report multiple scores to a college will they take my best score or an average?

It depends on the school; some schools take an average, some schools take the higher score, some schools take the latest score. Law school admissions departments do not need to reveal their chosen method of score interpretation.

Who can see the writing sample I wrote?

All law schools to which you apply will be able to see your writing sample. A copy of your writing sample will also be sent to you as part of your score report for your own interest and use.