Law School Waitlist Strategy

As the admissions selection process at top law school programs continues to grow more competitive, many perfectly qualified candidates are finding themselves on waitlists. For many potential students, this is tantamount to a rejection letter. Manhattan Review’s law school admissions consulting team knows that waitlists are not the end of the world. Our expert team will help you draft a plan to keep you in the minds of the graduate admissions officers and get you into the school of your choice. Every school has different waitlist policies that are adjusted yearly and the experienced Manhattan Review team carefully monitors these systems so that you receive the best advice available.

Through one-on-one consultation, our experts will:

  • Assess your entire application and create a plan to keep in contact with the admissions officers
  • Aid you in keeping a fitting level of communication with your target law school
  • Help you draft a letter to reiterate your interests and speak to any potential weaknesses

If you need insightful advice on waitlist strategy, our graduate admissions consulting team is glad to help you and share their years of experience. Just contact us!

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