Law School Resume Review

Your resume must demonstrate a consistency or dedication so that reviewers can follow your progress or transition in a special interest. For example, it may be a consistent involvement with community service, a consistent position in school clubs, or consistent athletic pursuits.

Of equal importance is the breadth of your experiences and interests. Use your resume to demonstrate your interest in and commitment to a variety of disciplines or areas, as diversity and expanded horizon are highly valued by law schools. The goal is to show an admissions committee precisely what you have accomplished in your academic or personal lives.

You may also consider including slightly more information than you normally would in your resume. If the organization you have been involved in is not well recognized nationwide or by admissions officers, we suggest that you offer some brief description of organizational background and its major milestones. 

In addition to describing the organization, describe your role within the group. Include your individual responsibilities and accomplishments. The more specific description, the greater the likelihood it will differentiate you from other applicants.

Many of us also worked with Admissions offices in helping evaluate prospective candidates and continued that role after our graduation. If you need help with any of your decisions along your application process, please feel free to email us.

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