Law School Elite Package

Elite Package customers have the highest priority of all customers. Our Elite Packages give you the most complete, end-to-end, comprehensive admissions consulting packages on the market. Like our Dedicated Packages, Elite Packages are tailored to fit your individual needs and goals. In addition, the Elite Packages give you the following privileges: 

  • You are guaranteed to work with our most experienced and successful elite consultants;
  • 7 day per week access to elite consultant in person or via Skype;
  • Prompt turnaround of materials and responses; 
  • Access to the most recent database of essays, recommendations, resumes – all of which from people recently admitted to premier schools; 
  • Unlimited access to our interview question database and unlimited interview preparation sessions; 
  • Exclusive strategy session for getting noticed when visiting school or attending information sessions;
  • Live online sessions via WebEx between you and consultant where both parties can annotate any documents and share a whiteboard;
  • Unlimited access to the live WebEx online recordings related to your application for 3 months.

Note: This service is especially recommended for foreign applicants or those needing extra help during the admissions process.

The Manhattan Review Admissions Consulting team has years of collective experience working for the admissions offices at top Law Schools as well as years of experience helping students get into the schools of their choice. Using this knowledge, our experts craft a plan that is specific to you. Our specialists also know exactly what each program is look for so that you avoid the mistake of using "template essays" for all of your choices and differentiate yourself from the crowd. Not only does the Manhattan Review Team help you through the application process but they will also advise you afterwards with waitlist/deferral strategy, re-application strategy, and preparation for the programs you have been accepted into.

Below is an outline of a typical step-by-step comprehensive structure through which you will be guided by your expert team:

  1.  Assessment of Fit
  2.  Choosing the Rights Schools
  3.  Goal-setting
  4.  Application Strategy Formulation
  5.  Application Guidance
    •  Selection of Meaningful Experiences in a Coherent Manner
    •  Presentation of Strengths and Value in a Convincing Format
    •  Construction of Powerful Resume
    •  Crafting of Persuasive Essays
    •  Solicitation of Effective Recommendation Letters
  6.  Polish Your Application - Multiple Rounds of Feedback
  7.  Preparation for Great Interviews - Mock Practices
  8.  Advice on Scholarship/Loan Applications
  9.  Acceptance and School Preparation 
  10.  Additional Guidance
    • Waitlist/Deferral Strategy
    • Re-application Strategy

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