Manhattan Review Services in London (England)

Manhattan Review offers advanced test prep services with a global reach and world-class tutors for the GMAT, GRE, SAT, LSAT, and TOEFL exams. Thousands of students in London alone have leveraged our programs to maximize their test-taking potential. Improved test scores help students get admitted to the top-ranked, first-choice schools. Whether you were born and raised in the United Kingdom or only recently moved to this European capital city, you can take your studies to the next level with the premier higher education institutions in London and surrounding cities.

According to recent rankings from the Complete University Guide, London houses some of the best schools not only in the country but also around the world. This elite educational circle encompasses Cambridge, London School of Economics, Oxford, Imperial College London, Durham, St. Andrews, Warwick, University College London, Lancaster, Bath, Bristol, York, and Exeter. These first-tier institutions are graded with an overall score with many factors and considerations, including Entry Standards.

Applicants must meet rigorous requirements to get enrolled in the universities worthy of even the Royal Family. To ensure you get accepted into your favorite program, you need to strengthen your standardized test scores. These scores give schools a measuring stick for your future aptitude, anticipating your ability to flourish once on campus. When you attach high scores with your undergraduate, graduate, or business school application, you move your submission to the top of the stack.

With the help of Manhattan Review, you can get ahead early in your academic career. A degree from a top-class college or university will open every door to your promising future in London and beyond.

Meet a London Tutor: Alex R.

Alex has tutored hundreds of students over the past seven years. Familiar with both classroom training and a one-on-one approach, this instructor himself scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT (770 total with 50 in Quantitative, 46 in Verbal, and 6 in Analytical Writing). Alex graduated from NYU in the U.S. with a degree in Nuclear Engineering. Instead of pursuing his MA as originally planned, he traveled overseas instead to attend University of Oxford – Said Business School. Alex had first studied abroad at Cambridge's world leading engineering department as a college junior and knew immediately that he craved more international travel. As a senior, he spent a semester in Portugal, where he taught English as a Second Language to engineers.

It was the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering that bridged a gap between Alex, the math-minded academic and Alex, the world-hungry scholar. These days, Alex is creating a business model based on computer-based testing and tutoring students toward success on the SAT, GMAT, and TOEFL exams. If you are new to London, Alex can tell you how he's adapted to his life abroad, built up his business, and even met his future wife while studying at Oxford.

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