GRE Experimental Section

What is the GRE Experimental Section?

In the computer version of the GRE test there is an experimental section. This means that an entire section is not being scored, but rather has been placed in the test to evaluate how well GRE test takers perform on it for possible inclusion in future tests.

The basic structure of the GRE Revised General Test includes one Analytical Writing Section, two Quantitative Reasoning Sections, and two Verbal Reasoning sections. The experimental section is not identified but if a test has two Analytical Writing Sections, one of them was experimental. Similarly, if the test had three Verbal Reasoning sections, one of those three was experimental. The experimental section could appear anywhere in the test, so it is important to take each section seriously.

In some cases instead of an experimental section there is an optional research section at the end of the test that is clearly identified as research. In other cases there is both an experimental section and an optional research section. The bottom line is it's not worth it to guess which section might be experimental, and every section should be treated as if it counts.