Graduate School Admissions Consulting

Proven Student Success with top GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, LSAT, and SAT/ACT scores and acceptance by top schools and employers
Representative schools include Columbia, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), Harvard, London Business School
Representative firms include BCG, McKinsey, CSFB, Revlon, Citigroup, etc.
Highly Commended and Experienced Instructors (GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, LSAT, SAT/ACT) include industry experts, Ivy League School PhDs and grads with substantial teaching experience and top test scores (99th percentile)
High-quality teaching methods and unique test-taking tips
Boutique firm's managerial expertise, responsiveness and flexibility
Dedication to student success from every member of our team
Time and Cost Effectiveness; Full Offerings
Full spectrum of test preparation courses (intensive, crash, long, online)
High-quality Private Tutoring
Expert MBA Admissions Consulting, Graduate Admissions Consulting, Law School Admissions Consulting and College Admissions Consulting
Frequently updated GMAT Blog and GMAT Forum for unlimited student help
Proprietary/Tailored Effective Curriculum & Course Materials
GMAT Course Materials: Turbocharge You GMAT
TOEFL Course Materials: Turbocharge You TOEFL
Career Course Materials: Turbocharge Your Career and many other books
GMAT Vocabulary Lists (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced)
Small class size – All sessions are capped at 15 students; Typical class size is around 6-8 people
Conveniently Located Teaching Facilities
Headquarters at Bryant Park in Midtown – the heart of Manhattan
All major cities in the US and worldwide
Advanced Classroom Technology
First Test Prep provider to integrate Electronic Interactive Whiteboard in New York (unique voting devices and touch screen functions significantly improve students’ learning experience
Effective GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, LSAT and SAT/ACT Online Learning Environment
Extensive Online Recording Library for unlimited after-class review

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