GMAt Fees & Scores

GMAT Fees & Scores

The fee to take the GMAT is $250 USD worldwide. The fee for rescheduling the date, time, or location of the test is US$50 for each appointment you change.

When you want to reschedule the GMAT, to avoid the forfeiture of your test fee, you must allow at least 7 calendar days between the day you reschedule your appointment and your test day. Appointments cannot be rescheduled for a date that is more than one year after the original appointment date.

When you cancel the test appointment, a partial refund of US$80 will be given if it is canceled at least 7 calendar days before your original test day.

The rescheduling fee and cancellation refund amount are subject to change without notice.

Your Total score and Quantitative and Verbal GMAT section scores are available upon your completion of the test. The only opportunity that you will have to cancel your scores is immediately after you complete the test, but before you view your scores. A message will ask you if you want to cancel your scores. You cannot cancel your scores after they are displayed or reported to you.

If you cancel your scores, they cannot be reinstated later. A score cancellation notice will be sent to you and your selected schools. It will remain a part of your permanent record and will be reported on all of your future score reports. The test will not be refunded and will be accounted for as one taken test.

Beginning Jan 1, 2006, the official score report is available online instead of being mailed to you. Through a direct email 20 days after the test, you will be notified of the accessibility of your online official score report which is also available to the schools you selected as recipients. Official Score Reports are now mailed to the student by request only.

During the test, if you click "Section Exit" or "Test Quit," you will have to confirm your choice. If you clicked it by mistake or change your mind, just select the option "Return to Where I Was." Once you exit a section or quit a test, you won't be able to return to it and won't receive a score for any section, regardless how many questions you have answered.

You may take the GMAT only once every 31 days and no more than five times within any 12-month period. The retest policy applies even if you cancel your score or quit a test within that time period. Official GMAT score results are kept on file for 10 years. All your scores and cancellations within the last five years will be reported to the institutions you designate as score recipients.

On your test day, you may select up to five schools to receive your scores before you take the test. Once you have made your selection, you will not be able to change or delete the list of schools. If you would like to send your scores to more schools, you may order additional score reports, at a cost of U.S. $28 per school.

You may request that your essays be rescored if you have reason to believe that your AWA scores are not accurate. The multiple-choice quantitative and verbal sections of the test cannot be rescored. Independent readers will rescore your essay for a fee of U.S. $45.

Requests for GMAT rescoring must be made within six months of your test date. Rescoring may result in increases or decreases in your original AWA score. The rescoring results are final. Revised results will be sent to you and the schools you designated as score recipients within three weeks of your request.