Fundamentals of Talent Management

“Understanding how different approaches to talent management impact day-to-day problems”

Workout Session Duration: Half Day

Target Audience: Senior Managers & Executive Teams

The Problem

Poor talent management is a hidden cost that most companies do not realize until it is too late. The mis-allocation of skills and knowledge is one of the most dangerous things a company can do. When problems do arise, solutions are often crafted within the context of one underlying approach to talent management, which may or may not be correct for that company or that company’s environment. Our workout session on fundamentals issues in talent management goes under the surface to tackle some of the big debates currently happening about the nature of talent management itself. By linking these debates to specific and current problems that management teams are facing, the workout session results in a new set of tools for understanding talent management problems and for developing a human-capital centered perspective on the workforce. One of the more interesting shifts that we help encourage in this workout session is for management teams to make the strategic decision to shift from the idea of human resources to the more sustainable notion of human development.

What participants will be able to do upon completing this workshop

  • Understand the broad debates that focus on talent management
  • Define limitations to task-based models of talent management
  • Define limitations to tribe-based models of talent management
  • Analyze development gaps in the ABC model of talent management
  • Develop a company specific alignment model for talent management
  • Analyze features of self-corrective talent management systems
  • Differentiate human resource from human development models of learning

Session Topics

  • The Tribal Approach: The company as family
  • The Top-grading Approach: Do we always cut c-levels?
  • Talent Assessment: What is most important to measure?
  • Measuring the Cost of Mis-hires: Quantifying loss