Fundamentals of Innovation Management

“What do managers need to know to jump-start continuous innovation?”

Workshop Duration: One Day

Target Audience: Managers

The Problem

The pressure to do things better, cheaper, faster in today's global economy is tremendous. The corporate executive is at the forefront of this wave of continuous innovation in the marketplace. In many industries, by the time products and services hit the shelf they are already out-of-date and competitors are constantly looking to out-do each other by utilizing technology to become more innovative.

Many organizations revert to outside consultants and out-sourcing in order to, in their own minds, be more innovative. The problem is that neither consultants nor out-sourcing can provide a long-term solution to innovation-based scalable and sustainable growth. To be truly innovative an organization must be continuously innovative. Innovation must be a way that it solves problems all the time. This fundamental workshop for executive teams looks at the key components of designing this innovation process into everyday problem solving.

What participants will know upon completing this workshop

  • The 5 most common errors made in attempts at innovation management
  • The different ways to innovate
  • What is needed for continuous innovation to occur
  • Common problems in team dynamics that decrease innovation
  • The relationship between problem solving skills and continuous innovation
  • How to link continuous innovation to long-term corporate evolution

Morning Session

  • Innovation Traps & Trampolines: Measuring the cost of consistently increasing performance
  • Types of innovations: Categories of improvement
  • Learning Style Inventory: Where are you in the innovation process?

Afternoon Session

  • Achieving Heterogeneity: Increasing diversity of information sourcing
  • Angular Matching: Pairing cross-domain concepts
  • DAT: Using Design Accelerated Transitions in innovation management