The Path to a Happy First-Year in Business School (Part II)

Posted on January 12, 2009 | Filed in MBA

2: Selection of Courses and Activities

Determining where and how you will spend your time is also a key to an enjoyable year. Though some schools have core curricula or limited course options at the beginning, when selecting professors and out of classroom activities it helps to develop some knowledge before classes begin as to what is likely to be an engaging path for you. In addition, you will most likely want to form a study group to work on homework and prepare for tests.


Try to find a second year student who will help you navigate the academic, social and professional challenges of the first year of business school. This method has proven a successful one for many first years. They attain good advice and register for classes with great professors, know which clubs or activities are best to be a part of, and have the valuable guidance along the way of a peer who has gone through it all before.

Be prepared to network. This is something to consider in the classroom, in forming your study group, and in selecting activities. Business school is in part a way to meet people who in the future will be in positions of power in the business world. So you will want to get to know your classmates, but as with getting to know people in most contexts, you will be most successful if your interactions are honest ones, if others do not get from you the sense that you are talking with them just to in the future contact them for a job. Also avoid being too dominant in the classroom. Though your professor may be impressed, your classmates may find such dominance less appealing. If networking doesn’t come easy, allow yourself to learn and accustom yourself to your new surroundings slowly and develop friendships naturally through the parties, lunches, and classes you will participate as business school begins.

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