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“Standing Out” in a Business School Application

The desire to “stand out” (while inherent in all applicants), is not what the admissions committee wants you to be thinking about during your application process.  The most important aspect is to answer the questions clearly, making sure you are doing the best job you can to tell YOUR story; instead of constantly trying to put yourself in a context outside of where you think the other applicants are.

I have heard admissions committee members say numerous times that over-thinking and over-crafting your application can ultimately hurt your overall chances of acceptance.  Often times, students attempt to say exactly what they think the admission committee wants to hear, when what the admission committee REALLY wants to hear is the student’s story told truthfully and thoughtfully.

The Role the GMAT in your MBA application

The GMAT Exam is a chance for the student to prepare for an exam and take on a challenge.  Of course, no student walks into an exam without preparing first. Use your GMAT efforts and scores to highlight the areas that you think may be missing from you undergraduate and work experience. If you do not have much quantitative experience, focus on that area of the GMAT to portray to admissions committee that you can do great work in that area as well. Remember it is still just one piece of the mosaic that is your application.


Many students get very anxious about the essay portion of an MBA application because they believe that this is the section that they have the most control over (unlike the recommendations, undergraduate records, and your job).  However, it is important to remember that the essay is just another portion of the holistic presentation of your application.  It is not a writing contest, but more so, another tool to present YOU as a prospective business school student. So personalize it. Focus on the areas of your life that you are most proud and passionate about.  These items will ultimately be your strongest point in conveying your growth over time and your ability to succeed.


Try to pick a person to recommend you that you have known for a long time. Admissions Committees look for recommendations that are personalized and give somewhat of an inside look into how the student works and presents themselves.

Diversity on an Application

Diversity is an important factor to consider when applying to business school. However, it must be done so in the right way.  Many times, students think they must emphasize the diversity that they have been exposed to in the workplace or at school.  However, there are many different types of diversity to consider and a very important one is the way in which you lead.  From the student leader who wants to be president of the United States, to the entrepreneur who likes to work in small teams and getting a new business up and running, business schools look for Diversity of Character and want to find student who can lead in effective and creative ways.

Hope these tips help! For more tips, please visit our MBA Admissions Advice.

Posted on November 7, 2011 by Manhattan Review

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Weeks after unveiling its first series of GMAT instructional videos on YouTube, Manhattan Review is rolling out a second series on MBA Admissions advice for business school applicants. The videos feature short lectures on how to set application goals to meet deadlines, how to prepare for interviews, and how to strategize effective recommendation letters. The videos are designed to be short enough for the viewer to catch a quick overview, while still being long enough to fully convey the basic concepts that all MBA applicants need.

The videos feature members of Manhattan Review’s MBA Admissions Consulting team. Each lecture focuses on a different aspect of MBA Admissions that stems from the consultant’s expertise. The videos educate YouTube viewers, while also giving them a chance to experience the content and substance of Manhattan Review MBA Admissions Consulting Services.

Manhattan Review offers a variety of admissions consulting services, from comprehensive elite school packages focusing on a single school to those addressing admissions for up to five different MBA programs. Also available are hourly admissions packages, as well as packages specific to essay/resume writing and interview preparation. “By viewing these free MBA Admission videos,” said Tracy Yun, CEO, “applicant can get an overview of the basics of MBA Admissions and get a sampling of our more in-depth consulting services.”

As the number of applicants to MBA programs has grown over recent years, more MBA hopefuls have turned to admissions consulting services in order to gain an edge. And with the recession affecting people’s budgets, applicants need to be sure of the quality of the admission consultation that they purchase. The new series of YouTube videos from Manhattan Review demonstrates the quality of its service for students in need of consultation on their MBA applications.

Listed below are some initial videos that comprise Manhattan Review’s ongoing MBA Admissions Advice Video Series.

  • Business School Application – Tips on Essay-Writing
  • Business School Application – Tips on Recommendation Letters
  • Business School Application – Tips on Resume Preparation
  • Business School Application – Tips on Interview Preparation & Explaining Candidacy
  • Tips on Overall Strategy & School Choice
  • Tips on Optimal Number of Schools to Apply For & Time Management
  • Why Use An MBA Admissions Consultant

Email admissions@manhattanreview.com to ask about the MBA Candidacy Evaluation.