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Posted on October 25, 2007 | Filed in Admissions, Career, MBA

Since most of our team members are MBA graduates with about 10 years of work experience, we have experienced countless rounds of interviews on-campus for internships and full-time jobs. In fact, we are often times the interviewers now. Regardless if it is an MBA Admission interview or a corporate recruiting interview, there are common tips we would like to share with you.

1.) Know your interviewer and the entire interview process! Make a few educated guesses about the interviewer’s personal and professional background such as expertise, rank and experience. Think about the relative importance of each interview in the entire application or corporate recruiting process for the position. Sometimes one person makes the decision. Sometimes, everyone’s opinion counts. In general, modify your answers for each different interviewer and interview process. Try to ace all of them! Typically senior and more experienced people are more interested in finding out your true characters. Read local and, more importantly, national and international news. Make a few remarks or analogies by using your non-work related knowledge. Demonstrate you are well read and a deep-thinker. Creativity, leadership, loyalty are among the traits most valued for any job.Junior and less experienced interviewers are more interested in your current and past achievements so that they can draw comparisons to themselves or their colleagues. They are looking for signs of dedication, good work ethics, easy to work with and reliability.

2.) Remember the basics: be articulate, be energetic and be super prepared! Mock interviews are one of the best ways for you to practice! Practice with your family members, friends from different walks of life. Their questions will prompt you to think further about how you should present yourself.At last, we, Manhattan Review, are always here for additional help.

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