GMAT Club Updates Its GMAT ToolKit iPhone Application

Posted on February 24, 2010 | Filed in GMAT, MBA

The GMAT ToolKit, a leading mobile GMAT Prep application developed by GMAT Club, has just been featured by Apple® on its “What’s Hot” list. The iPhone® app is part of an ongoing project by GMAT Club to bring high-quality design and execution into the mobile test prep space. The ToolKit was originally released several months ago and has since undergone 3 updates to include additional features requested by users.

The GMAT ToolKit

Today, the app is no longer a simple GMAT Timer, but a leading GMAT prep tool that includes:

  • QUESTION SETS – application comes preinstalled with 111 Hard Quant questions and also includes an option to download free additional SC questions from the GMAT Club forum.
  • FORUM – direct access to GMAT Club’s forum using enhanced navigation features.
  • BOOKS – a must-have grader/error/time log for Official GMAC books
  • TIMER – the most sophisticated GMAT Timer specifically designed for GMAT preparation.
  • IDIOMS – an adaptive system to test your knowledge of 240 idioms.
  • VOICES – save prep time by getting recommendations from over 78,000 GMAT Club members.
  • MATH – detailed review of Absolute Value, Triangles, Circles, Coordinate Geometry, Standard Deviation and Probability.
  • RESOURCES – links to the most important topics in the GMAT and MBA community.
  • NEWS – receive 2 GMAT questions daily with our “Question of the Day” tool, use the embedded RSS Reader to manage your own feeds and stay current on the latest GMAT and MBA news.
  • Just in case this is not impressive enough, new features and improvements are already on the roadmap for another update in 2-4 weeks, which owners of the app will receive for free.

The latest version of the GMAT ToolKit will enable users to easily add custom content and questions to their iPhone or iPod Touch, significantly expanding test preparation options and moving beyond traditional learning styles. For additional screenshots, to learn more about this iPhone App, or to leave a comment, please visit: GMAT ToolKit for Apple iPhone dedicated page.

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