Application Trends – Female Application in Management Education

Posted on April 16, 2008 | Filed in Admissions, Career, MBA

Women are in demand in graduate management educational programs of all kinds.

Let us take a look at the 2007 statistics released by the GMAC in reference to gender representation. In part-time MBA programs, women represent 37% of the total. In full-time MBA programs, just 27% of MBA students are women. In EMBA programs, a meager 22% of students are women. Though women represent a larger percentage of the student body in non-MBA management education including undergraduate and master’s programs, it is still the case that in all categories women represent a minority of applicants.

Though overall far fewer women than men pursue Graduate Management Education, numbers of women applicants are on the rise. In 2007, applications from women increased overall. These increases are in large part due to greater recruitment efforts. 56% of full-time MBA and 78% of EMBA programs are actively recruiting among women. Such recruitment seems to have a direct correlation to increases in the volume of women applicants.

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One Response to Application Trends – Female Application in Management Education

  1. Classy

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    I knew there weren’t as many women in MBA programs but as few as 27% is a shocker. I guess women are choosing understandably other careers paths, though, it seems to me, business certainly does need the influence of more women.