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Manhattan Review is one of the nation’s leading educational firms in tutoring and prepping students for success. Our goal is to reward our students with the high-test scores they deserve in the comfort of their own learning style. Our unique academic tutoring method connects with homework that the student is currently completing. We are not overloading the student with excess work. Instead, we are using current material to increase their knowledge of their subjects. Our academic tutoring also teaches the student effective study methods and memory techniques as part of improving their abilities. We will note their strengths and weaknesses in order to assess where help is needed the most. We find that by concentrating on the students primary needs, our tutors will be able to successfully improve the student’s capabilities.

One of our main areas of focus at Manhattan Review is our flexibility for students. Knowing that schedules can often be chaotic and discouraging, we make sure to offer an array of class times during the week. Whether you are available in the morning, afternoon, or evening, we will make to accommodate your schedule. Being comfortable in our sessions will provide the student with a sense of confidence and growth among the material.

Within our program, there are a few important differences. Our tutors are here to help and teach the students on a more personal level than in the classroom. Next, we follow the student's curriculum from school. This will help the students prepare for upcoming tests. We also understand the importance of the student becoming comfortable with the tutor. With this is mind, we will never change your child’s tutor unexpectedly and expect them to learn from different instructors. We are committed to providing you with the best tutor possible. We recognize that an understanding between tutor and student is essential to the effectiveness of our in class program. Our academic tutors are highly motivating, personable, well-rounded and skilled to create an environment which encourages students to achieve academic success. We strive to make our students excited about the learning process, making them confident and productive. 

Manhattan Review offers an extensive range of academic tutoring services including private tutoring, test preparation courses, admissions consulting, and application strategy. Our subjects include GMAT preparation, MBA admissions consulting, GRE preparation, LSAT preparation, TOEFL preparation and business English and Chinese language courses. We offer tutoring in the following areas: English, History, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics, English Writing, English Reading, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Spanish, French, Latin, History, Economics, Geography, and etc. With these services and more, Manhattan Review will have you ready in no time to achieve your highest test scores and best results yet!

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